If you could fight climate change by smoking, would you?

Roll your next doobie up with the unrefined hemp paper that crowdfunds regenerative local food forests that you can pull up to.

West Coast Smokers vs Climate Change

  • Regeneratively improving our soil's health can counteract climate change within a few years.
  • Industrial ag leaders are not going to regeneratively farm. And individually, none of us are going to in a meaningful way either. We're probably gonna smoke.
  • But together through Doobie Ninja, we are going to smoke an passively crowdfund regenerative farming in the most lit way ever.
Come join a tree party and keep our doobies lit and soil quenched.

Introducing Reforestation Papers

  • Enjoy luxuriously smoking your organic herbs in a classic Doobie Ninja unrefined unbleached hemp rolling paper
  • Protect your papers from getting wrecked by other items your own pockets with our magnetic stury cover.
  • Enjoy the positive karma that comes with knowing that 10% of your purchase went to regenerative reforestation of your own area code.
Keep it all the way lit with your host planet with Doobie Ninja's Reforestation Papers.

Smoke with a Purpose

  • Doobie Ninja is more than a rolling papers brand, it's a also a network of members clubs of solution minded high performing individuals who also enjoy doobies.
  • Immerse yourself in innovative entertainment networks introducing nutritionally just agricultural solutions.
  • While members club inclusion is invite only and merit driven, access to curations of the club can be found with a membership pass.
Get yourself a Doobie Ninja Tree Club Membership.
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